Is At the Table Counseling for you?


Are you struggling with the tough times we're faced with right now?

Are you fighting with depression, anxiety or just being flat out overwhelmed?  


If your answer is yes to any part of these questions, then counseling might be beneficial for you.


The premise of At the Table Counseling is to give you and your family practical tools to use in order to handle specific issues. Often times, an unbiased and non-judgmental ear could be all it takes for you to find the answers you are looking for.


Please know that participating in counseling does not mean that you are crazy. It is simply an act of reaching out for help because you have realized that you are unable to do it on your own.


The objective of this company is to introduce and maintain therapeutic relationships with individuals and families in the community. At the Table Counseling seeks to increase awareness of the therapeutic process and its uses. It hopes to enhance communication between spouses, parents and children. The programs are designed to decrease the negative connotation of therapy and increase understanding of the concept as a family tool. Individuals and families will be empowered to communicate more effectively with one another. The goal of a successful therapeutic relationship is to give the individuals and/or families the tools they need to become more productive members of the community and society as a whole.